About Us

K. H. Chong’s Martial Arts Academy

Master Kyle Chong

At K. H. Chong’s Martial Arts we focus on foundation. At academic schools, students are required to progress to the next grade even though they may not be receiving high marks on their tests. As they try to catch up with the new material in the higher grade, they find themselves unable to understand the advanced material due to the fact that they did not fully understand the foundational material. Ultimately, they decide that, that particular subject is not for them. When a strong foundation is built, the ability to learn and progress becomes easily attainable and ultimately allows for an individual to become more confident and courageous. Through the art of Tae Kwon Do, we train each student to build a strong foundation which connects the mind and body in order to not only enhance their skills for self-defense, but for every challenge they will face in life.